Eco Teaching Ideas


The big idea behind Eco ESL is encouraging teachers to reduce, reuse, and recycle when it comes to teaching resources. Why trash when you can create?!

When we stop and think about what we throw out to landfill or recycling, it is incredible to realise how much potential there is. English teaching requires lots of visuals. It helps students learning English as a second language if they can see and imagine, rather than just hear words.

Instead of buying or printing flashcards (and laminating in awful plastic!), Eco ESL is here to encourage teachers to draw and create their own on up-cycled cardboard! Picture a zero-waste, plastic free classroom (whether you are teaching English online or in a classroom) - it is a beautiful prospect to help teaching become more eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable in 2019 and beyond.

That empty toothpaste box - versatile cardboard!

A finished juice bottle - a perfect pen holder! 

Those socks with holes everywhere - finger puppet fun!

Once you start seeing rubbish differently, the potentials to upcycle become endless. Reduce your environmental impact, increase your DIY creativity, and minimise your budget all at once. Eco ESL is here to get you started!